Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Town at Night

 Ma ville est aussi belle que Paris
    Yes, I think my little town looks as charming as Paris in the night. Well, it wasn't really night, but still dark at 6:00am this morning. I am an early riser and have been since my Early Morning Guests started coming 7 years ago. I was just coming home from dropping off "mein Man" when the lights begged to be photographed.

         This greeted me out the front door. A moon, we don't always have a moonlit morning.

                      The art gallery held some lovely orbs of red which invited my eyes to stay a while.

       The flower shop is still dressed for Christmas because our town wants to keep that warm spirit throughout chilly January.

     Penguins are still playing on the ice blocks, and why not? January is cold and frosty enough.

   Lights are turning on for the Breakfast crowd and The Tannenbaum is still aglow. But the mostest, bestest, place at 6:00am is here.

                     Need I say more? Good Morning! And it is indeed.


  1. Well I need to pay a visit. Looks so pretty and interesting. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nothing like a warm croissant early in the morning-
    Happy Day

  3. I would have to agree that the bakery looks like the perfect place to be early in the morning.


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