Friday, January 13, 2012

Pretty Little Things

  I don't live big but I like a few pretty things around me to remind me that the world is beautiful and I am lucky to be alive. What do you have on your shelf to remind you?

 Candle holders from Germany, little square plates with bees, I picked up visiting a friend, coasters I 
                           got from my daughter-in-law this Christmas, and bold red bowls to brighten my cereal.

          Ruebezhal wood sculpture from Silesia, Germany, a vase from a a local potter, shell and rocks
                     from the sea, and a Shannon Hale saga on the shelf, Princess Academy. I like her yarns.

         A hanger for the mantle with music theme and a beautiful red vase from a recent flower gift.
                And while having a planning meeting I took a snapshot of my friend's window sill. So sweet!

             Last but not to be missed, here are some things I could not pass by on the way into the grocery store.

                                                                                             Too early?

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