Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Day In The Studio

  Can I tell you about my amazing day in the studio with Kim, recording two of my children's songs? No? Too bad, I am going to do it anyway. This is something that I have always wanted to do. I record my stuff on my computer but I wanted to work with some high-tech equipment and do the job right. My partner in music and movement found a way to trade violin lessons with recording time in the Pumpkin Palace owned by Jason Staczek.

 The time recording was intense as Kim and I were concentrating so hard to get our instruments and singing just right. It certainly was an "in the moment" four hours and we were both so tired after. I played on a nice Steinway to accompany our singing. We decided to record voices and instruments all on one track because, guess what? We had a videographer filming the recording session. I am excited to put the U-Tube video on my blog once it gets edited.
 Jason has some pretty cool computers with three huge monitors to watch the digital recording. I recognized the basic look of the multi-tracks but this was so much more sophisticated than I have ever seen.

This scene looks familiar with the synth underneath the screen. We filmed Jason playing the tuba part on the keyboard to add to our singing tracks. Tuba, you ask? You'll love it!

Jason used slices of trees to insulate the studio to control the sound. That made quite a texture portrait.

  Our videographer was Sam Veatch who was very creative and easy to be with. Can you imagine how many takes we did to get two voices and two instruments working perfectly? Sam was very patient.

One of the songs we recorded was "Singing Stories", which we are using in our music and movement class right now. We brought our books in for inspiration and decor on the video.

I will post the video of our songs "Take a Breath" and "Singing Stories" very soon. Thanks for caring!

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