Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Exhibits for First Friday Art Tour

     On the first Friday of every month the local galleries change up their exhibits and everyone stays open late to invite everyone into town. I visited in the quilt shop to see the quilt exhibits and to appreciate the new space.

    The new shop has open space for tables which allows classes to go on right in the store. My favorite quilts were varied in subject and hues.

                    The black background just makes these colors pop. The pieces in this quilt seemed countless.

         Frogs are in the middle jumping between strips of coolness and those beady eyes are around the entire edge.

                    This quilt was inspired by the old photo which was framed off to the left. So whimsical!

                     For all of you who refuse to wear shoes, this quilt is a red carpet for your favorite foot attire.

                                          The cupcake fad may be fading but this quilt showcases every flavor.

   I liked the artist who went for switching up an old design and piecing these in a new combination.

This quiltshop always amazes me with their artistic design and innovativeness. I couldn't imagine this business having longevity but I have been wrong so far. There are quilters coming to this shop from hundreds of miles away.

I purchased some music fabric to make a new covering for my baby grand and I hope to show it off in the

 near future.                 

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