Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunny Snow

  The words sunny and snow are two words we don't say much here in the Northwest. They are extraordinary and they make us respond in extreme ways.

Waking up to unexpectant snow makes us, Northwesterners in general, more tentative about going to work. It can cause us to run to the store and buy bread and candles. Sun, as well, can bring on a removal of clothing exposing our under exposed skin to the coveted rays. It can make us lazy and over relaxed. 

   Thus we can see that extremes in our lives bring on unusual behavior. I struggle with "keeping my head" and staying steady. One answer to better balance is less "futurizing". I learned that word in a yoga class. While I had closed eyes the teacher gave us a gentle direction to stop our minds from running ahead in time. It struck me how much I live in the future and I became more aware of "now'.  Right now I am watching the sun melt off the snow and recalibrating my plans for the day. My life may be composed of oddly shaped rocks, which don't stack up well, but nonetheless I can stay steady by being in the "now".

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