Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy July Fourth!

  One of my great joys in life is color. Perhaps you can imagine what fun I have gathering images across the Internet and organizing them into color palettes on one of my favorite computer applications called Pinterest. As we are celebrating a holiday which is identified with three majors colors I have gathered together my favorite Pinterest boards honoring the colors of our national flag.

    Red is really an amazing color. It occurs in nature as a warning but also as a symbol of attraction. I am so enamored with red in picture groups.

   White, or any neutral shade, is soothing and warming at the same time. I like the look of different neutrals together with just a hint of dark to define.

  And blue has always been my favorite color. Soft blues that don't intrude but wrap me up in quiet and peace.

  I can't leave my little Pinterest collection without a quick look at my collection of garden gnomes. Don't steal mine, I pay them well and they get Thursdays off.

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