Saturday, July 20, 2013

On Fisher Pond

    There is a certain etiquette on the forest trails that children learn and then teach each other. Having a quiet mind and observant eyes are essential. Yesterday we introduced two new cousins to Fisher Pond.  

         The water-lilies cover the pond in the summer but at water's edge life is teeming just under the surface. The fish and water skeeters reveal themselves only if you wait and watch.

Along the trail we stop and chat quietly. We listen for birds and ducks, we see various shapes and sizes of pinecones, and we discuss what berries are edible. The new cousins need to learn the facts of life on the trail.

       If you go into nature regularly the discoveries are endless. But it is also fun to run like mad down the trail and stay in front of the group. Come on Grandma, keep up!

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