Friday, October 11, 2013

Everyone Is An Artist

    When did I stop drawing regularly? I loved crayons, markers, paints, so very much when I was a child. Somewhere I noticed that I wasn't gifted and I quit. What if everyone had a sketchbook and pencil with them? What if drawing was a way to communicate in every day life? I try to engage my grandchildren in art when they come over. If my pencils are on the table, they ask to draw.

   "Things must be kept track of— even things one could not comprehend. Beatrix had instructed her that she must always record her findings in drawings as accurate as she could make them, categorized, whenever possible, by the correct taxonomy."

Gilbert, Elizabeth (2013-10-01). The Signature of All Things: A Novel (p. 61). Penguin Group US.

           Recently, five of us did a study of a fawn. We have two in the yard everyday. Their dimensions and coloring are familiar to everyone who stays at my home. I started with observations and adjectives. Nothing was more pleasing than to hear them comment on the proportions of their fawn and correct themselves with eraser.

                                                              I think art is for everyone.

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