Friday, October 25, 2013

Turning Sixty

  Yesterday I reached a milestone. I turned sixty. The next decade seems important to me. I've grown up to be a……..(Ta Da!) creative person. That is what I always wanted to be. To make it official I made an office space for my creativity. Upstairs, in what used to be kids bedrooms I have my own yoga space and art desk.

    It overlooks the yard with falling leaves. I am almost in the canopy. I have a cozy bed to read on and a wonderful desk to write and draw.

       How did we celebrate?  Finding our restaurant of choice closed, we wandered in to the newly opened Sea Breeze Farms Le Boucherie. It is a dining experience. One menu, six courses, everyone eats at 7:00pm. The meal lasts until 9:30. Reservations recommended because the restaurant seats 20 people. We were turned away once, years ago.

        All the food comes with a pedigree. The duck, sausage, beef, and pork were all from the farm. The vegetables from local growers, even the apple juice was made just 50 miles away, Small portions of delicious flavors made us feel just right as we wandered back home.

   With this much time to eat we watched the candles melt down into dripping sculptures. My husband is a great conversationalist, so time was consumed along with the food. While all the other guests raced to the boat we stayed until the waitress warmly thanked us for coming. Bye, bye.

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