Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year

I am celebrating three years of blogging. It was on a day much like today that I decided to try my hand at using this medium to express myself. Some things have changed, improved I hope, but my desire to write, photograph, and draw is still the same. The world has not improved, but we are swimming, nonetheless.

   I have picked a word as a theme this year. It sounds the same as holy. It means entire, completely, in other words, all in. I aspire to be wholehearted but I know it will not be easy. The natural being within me leans toward holding back, hedging my bets, and rationalizing my position. To ward off the natural being I am going to try an experiment and ask myself, "What would a holy woman do?" This was inspired by a review of the book by Sister Wendy Watson Nelson.

 Shannon, at The Redheaded Hostessmade some images to keep me mindful of my experiment and my new word for 2014. I used them in my art journal and made a pathway to encourage my journey. The road to Wholliness is lined with cherries. My favorite fruit has a pit which is inedible, yet it is the life of the tree. A metaphor for my travels as I seek to be a holy woman in wholliness. 

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