Monday, April 14, 2014

New Experiences

  I am just a little excited today. Into week two of my e-course "The Gifts of Imperfection", a producer of the Questions and Answers broadcast e-mailed me to see if I had any questions for Brené Brown. She asked if she could call me Saturday morning. In the phone call she explained that she was trying to find a few people who could Skype with Brene in the broadcast tomorrow. We talked about the class content and how we both felt about creativity and play. I shared with her my insights into the creative life of my father. "Do you Skype?" she said. Thank-you children, for having regular Skype sessions with me. It allowed me minutes later to have a session with this producer. Her name is Mashawn and she is so good at making people feel comfortable. I caught her eye because of a self-portrait I did as an assignment for the class.

    This is not my greatest masterpiece but I suppose it was different enough to catch her eye. So what happens next? Tomorrow morning I will Skype with the technical team to see how I look on camera. They will advise me what to wear and what to redecorate in back of me. Then in the early evening I will log on to see the broadcast and if the conversation moves to my questions, I'll be talking to Brené Brown. No guarantees, but this makes my class participation hyper concentrated.

    Here is a picture I snapped on my I-Pad while watching a broadcast from Part I of the class. Off to the bottom left of her is a class journal picture I put on Instagram. It is the bright yellow top of a compass I drew. I was trying to illustrate the steady foot of the compass being balanced by the other "searching foot", showing how our lives need to be well grounded but also searching for new truth. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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