Friday, May 16, 2014

If Ever I Needed Dance, Music and Laughter, It Is Now

    Is it chance that on a week when my daughter-in-law ended up in the hospital I was assigned a lesson in enhancing my life with music, laughter, and dance? It was, but still, it helped.

I tend to use humor as a way of combating stress so I usually look to see the ridiculous in the most serious moments. Like when my friend and I got lost in the hospital trying to find my daughter-in-law. How insane are the endless corridors that have yet another double door that looks like an operating room. Hospitals cause the perfectly healthy to doubt their sanity and bring on high blood pressure.

Here is this week's playlist. My top five songs on my I-Pod which I listen to as I bicycle my stress to the back forty, in the gym.
1. Dancing In The Rain by Hilary Weeks
When the forecast is rain, rain, and more rain, you just must dance in it.
2. Tokyo by Imagine Dragons
This one is for moving. It gets me actively engaged.
3. Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum
"Save me! Somebody take my hand and lead me. Before my life flies by somebody slow me down."
4. I Look to You by Whitney Houston
"My levees are breaking. My walls coming down, The rain is falling. Who shall I turn to?
 I look to you!
5. Hello Sunshine by Mercy River
"Oh, my lovely! Shining for me!

Music makes the difference between enduring and enduring with grace.

On the path to wholehearted living music provides a soundtrack, laughter releases the pressures of uncertainty, and dance connects the thinking brain to the feeling body. Thank-you, God for giving me a chance to try out these new wings.

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