Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kleine Gabi

    Born the only girl and last child after a break of twelve years, I was a bit spoiled. My family referred to me as kleine Gabi. Gabi was a nick name and kleine is small in german. This memory of what I was like to others inspired me to do a series of watercolors with the same character. My skills at drawing and watercolor are limited to I readily admit that she is inconsistent in size and feature.

   I also admit that I was never this adventuresome, but in my imagination there was nothing I couldn't do. I took some liberties with placing Gabi in more recent settings but these would be more recognized by my grandchildren.

   My watercolor pursuits have been enhanced by a teacher named Gina Lee Kim, who does the most lovely washes. I owe her a debt of gratitude for sharing her talent and process for us to replicate.

    There are elements of mixed media in these pairings. A cutout paper adhered onto the watercolor adds texture and interest.

      I should also say that Naoko Stoop inspired my invention of kleine Gabi, Her Red Knit Cap Girl captured me, totally. I copied her image in sketches and started a desire to invent my own little girl who had adventurous stories.

   I have more ideas waiting in a queue in my head so there will be improvement and change ahead for this little girl who is very endearing to me.

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  1. What charming, charming paintings! I would love to see a children's book of kleine Gabi adventures! Charming!


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