Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Teaching Our Grandchildren

     I am a fan of the British Baking Show. Nancy, who just won the title of Star Baker, is humble but so competent. When they showed footage of her baking with her eight grandchildren I felt a kinship.

      Teaching our grandchildren what we love is right. Put simply, that's what we should do. Will they listen and enjoy our teaching? Hmmm….that may fluctuate with age but if I were Nancy's granddaughter I would go over to Grannie's as often as possible.

    My mother taught her love of sewing and gardening. The two suits we are wearing on the right are handmade on her treadle machine. I loved the yellow pastel jacket over the yellow sheath. I wish I still had that one. Her little off-white suit with brown collar had tiny polka dots. Marta was stylish. If sewing has stayed a viable option to buying ready made perhaps more of us would have her skill.

    I am passing on piano skills and art. I find that I do these two actives every time I have my Grands. It is natural and peaceful. They are peevish sometimes and refuse to cooperate but I just go on without them. Let them bury their heads into their screens. When they resurface they will want to see what i am doing.

        Mother, your skills were not wasted. Whenever I see a beautiful garden I think of you. Whenever I see amazing stitching I remember your artwork on pillows, pictures, and our dresses. I'm passing on the desire to create.


  1. I'm just getting back to blogging and reading. What a delightful post. I too am on a quest to be creative with my grandkids and to learn all I can.

  2. Nice to see you back. Thank-you for leaving such a nice comment.


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