Friday, September 16, 2016


    Words from May-
              The world is still quiet at 4:45 am. Today I am meditating on bird songs. I completely relax and allow my ears to ready themselves for the eventual "dawn chorus". First the sound is far away and then a young dapper robin opens with gusto. He announces that he has survived the night and is by far the most able, handsome, musical fellow anywhere. He has some competition but each time he rises in a more fevered pitch. 

     Oh how I miss the  Dawn chorus. I am throwing out a few ideas about listening which I contemplated in May. Sounds from nature provide a perfect resting point for the mind. When you are listening to nature you are present.
      Music is another entree in the feast of life. Here are a few suggestions I use when I take time to listen.
  1. Listen to music as foreground 
  2. Notice how music makes your body feel
  3. Listen to an entire album, instead of a play list of many different types of music. 
  4. Be aware of dynamic changes and the emotions coming through the pieces.
        Carefully listening to a conversations is a challenge for me. When I discussed this with a health professional recently she encouraged me to change my perspective.
She assured me that it is part of being human to listen with an ear for how the conversation affects us. What is in this conversation for me? Why not use that tendency and tweak the motivation to assert that this conversation has something important for me to hear and listen for that information. The speaker becomes important to us and our attention moves more genuinely to the speaker.
If we were talking together right now I would want to know what ideas you have on the subject. 
Do you listen to be heard or do you listen to hear?

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  1. I listen for the first sounds of the birds every morning too! thanks for the pointers on how to listen better. I need to get better at that also.

  2. I love how you put this: "Music is another entree in the feast of life."
    This is good advice for listening well, in music and in conversation. It is so important to genuinely listen to others and give them our full attention.

  3. I usually listen to music through headphones while at work, but this year work required me to make a few solo road trips and I loved playing my favorite playlist (which is heavy on acoustic and harmony) out loud. And, well, just loud. When I do, I feel perfect harmony deeply. In my heart. I want to listen that intently to conversation as well as music.

  4. Thank you for sharing this helpful perspective. I want to listen to hear, but I don't always do that. I appreciate your insight! Have a beautiful weekend!


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