Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nurturing Monday- Testing My Ability

"Eyes wide open, I zoomed out and refocused on the reality beyond fear's tunnel."
Issac Lidsky

Part of nurturing is letting go. Nurturing reality means testing myself in situations that are scary. I stepped beyond thinking and writing and took a trip out of my comfort zone. You see, I don't like flying. Planes, airports, weather worries, all raise my anxiety levels. I am happy to report that my focus on reality has improved.

    The most helpful tool in my tool bag was looking around and being aware of my surroundings. In the airport I looked at faces and tried to see what others were doing. I noticed the mother trying to help her son find more bandwidth for his computer game. I watched a handsome business man re-adjust his baggage and don his cool sunglasses. I wondered if he was nervous, too.
   On the plane I listened to conversations, watched how others helped their neighbor. When faced with going down a steep decline to disembark the plane, I graciously accepted the offer of a kind gentleman to carry my bags. I tried to look him in the eye and worry less about being incompetent to do everything by myself. 

   The carousel of life can seem out of control and reality can become hazy but I feel a tiny bit more secure that I can hold what is real. I'm back at home and on familiar ground. 

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  1. Well done for facing your fear! I don't like flying either so I relate to what you say. I like the quote you share and I'm glad you were able to find a change of focus that helped reduce your anxiety level.


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