Friday, June 30, 2017

Change Is A Blessing

       The cars move by me as if I was slowing down their very existence. Cranes lift long iron posts to the top of high rise apartment buildings. Corners that once housed repair shops now have big chain work-out gyms. Change is ever present in the city where I visit. I live on an island, with ferry access only, so when I leave I am mindful of change. 

The boat ride back home gives me twenty minutes of anticipating my quiet life. As I approach the dock where I will disembark, the pilings guiding the boat into the slip remind me I am not long on this earth and I am so grateful for the safe harbor that God provides over the sea of life. He knows what changes still lie before me, he was there as I navigated the many twists and turns of sixty years, He is in the present moment as I humbly acknowledge that change is a blessing even when life is ever so sweet.

 I have been writing with the Five Minute Friday group for three years and I really enjoy the talented writers who share themselves each week.


  1. It is encouraging to remember that God is with us, that he knows the changes we will face even when don't, and that he is our safe harbour.

    1. It is, Lesley. Thank-you for visiting.


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