Monday, December 4, 2017

Nurturing Monday- Giving Myself A Look At The Facts

                             Just Give Me The Facts, Ma'm

With lights everywhere reflecting in windows and mirrors at Christmas time my thoughts move to reflecting back on my journey with the word 'nurture'. Today in this post I give you the facts.

  • Nurture is an active word that invites connection.
  • I nurture everyday in some way or another whether I am aware of not
  • I turned my word around to explore the negative side. There are things I nurture which are not positive
  • When I observed how I nurture I often discounted the action because it was easy
  • To nurture a relationship, eye contact and time alone count 80% more than any other way of giving

  • Nurturing good practices brings peace and contentment
  • In April, I nurtured reality, or accepting things as they are, which proved to be challenging
  • In March I nurtured the skill of giving a heartfelt apology. That changed my habit of saying, "I am so sorry, but......
  • In November I nurtured the "wilderness" of doing scary things. I joined in with other writers and wrote everyday to try to write my first novel. I wrote 25,000 words and 19 chapters. Want to take a peek?

These are facts about how I have learned to use the word in 2017. 

To go to the overview of My Year of Nurturing click  here.

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