Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cafe Luna

I didn't visit Cafe Luna for a long time when it first opened. I don't drink coffee so what would be the point, right? But then, this gorgeous girl started working there and I liked going in and ordering hot chocolate just so she could whip it up for me.
But Cafe Luna is much more than hot chocolate and coffee. They have great homemade soups and salads. Using organics is important to them so their baked goods, made by their baker, are wholesome and fresh.
One of the owners, Heather, always makes me feel so welcome. They work hard there and try to make food that pleases the palate. I am shy in crowds and Luna can get crowded. It takes me out of my comfort zone to stand in line and make an order. Then I find it challenging to sit myself down in the middle of a group and be content. Since buying an ipad for my work I feel like it saves money to use their wireless service and so I do reading and preparing for lessons there. An experience I will always remember was when my business partner and I did a Saturday night gig there entitled "Swingset Pajama Night". Many of our Swingset families came with their kids and we did a sing-a-long. My first time playing and singing at a coffee house! I brought my keyboard and Kim let me do my favorite Mindy Gledhill song "California". You can't imagine the rush.
So, I recommend this little place, morning, afternoon, or night. 

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