Monday, January 3, 2011

Why am I blogging?

Starting a blog is a new thing for me. I am really on the floor on this project. My genealogy website was similar and in those days I had to learn HTML language to post. But, writing about myself is new. About a year ago I started reading The Nie Nie Dialogues written by Stephanie Nielson. She was healing from a devastating plane crash where most of her body was burned. Almost every day she wrote about her struggles with a new face, a new body, one scared, and enduring painful plastic surgeries. Stephanie was candid about her life and she pulled me in with her words. She introduced me to Mindy Gledhill, a singer,songwriter, and a friend. Mindy wrote a song for Stephanie called "All About Your Heart" which contained the words, " It's not about your scars, it's all about your heart". I love that song! And what do you know, Mindy Gledhill writes a blog. So I check in with Mindy to see what life is like for a thirty- something mom who is making a career as an independent singer. Then, I found Eric Whitacre, a composer, who blogs about his music career. I have followed him all over the world. His choral music is breathtaking. Last spring I purchased some music of his and made a goal to learn it and record it with someone. That person was Sherrie Thal, from Hawaii, who was visiting her sister on the Island, and stopped by one morning to first learn the song and then record it with me. That was energizing and super fun. So there you have it. These blogs are my staples and that is why I am starting out on the floor, making a new plan to write this blog. See you tomorrow when I introduce you to my early morning visitors.

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