Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Reunion

I haven't attended an extended family reunion in years and years. This reunion was a stunner. It started with helping get all the food cooked and organized. I found wonderful women in the kitchen, who worked tirelessly with such pleasant conversation. 
Karin Cox

Julie Titze

Liz Titze
Most of these women have married my nephews and those men are lucky to have wives of this caliber. We expected 70-80 people and every one of those people came. That is a lot of bratwurst, sauerkraut, red cabbage and potato salad.
The matriarchs, my sisters, looked like they were laying in bed eating bons bons, but really they were exhausted and sent to their room by a loving but firm daughter.

Michael Titze and Kevin Cox
 When it came time for the food and games to be transported to the church, the nephews and brother kicked in to build some awnings and arrange the tables.  The family members attending could all be traced back to two sisters, Anna Lindner Bettermann and Pauline Lindner Rosemann. These two sisters joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and emigrated to America.
  I was blown away with seeing second cousins who I have not seen since I was in my twenties. 
Walter Rosemann, Kathy, Marla Kohutek

Sigrid, Joanne, Regina Kohutek, 

They came with children and grandchildren to celebrate our grandmother's legacy.
  We talked, and ate, and tried to learn the names of everyone's kids.

Spencer Cox,Bradley Cox, Joanne, Rebecca, Sage and Andrew Titze

The Adams Fanily

My cousin Ruth Bell and me
My brother and me

 At the last minute I drew a family tree on an empty plastic tablecloth so that as we gathered at the end we could see, visually how we were related.

Jordon, Sherie, Diane and Beatrice 

Rolfe and Brian
Maria singing with Genevieve, Gavin and Katherine
Jessica Cox with water balloons

Ardian Cuka with Beatrice
Stories were told about our departed family members, and there are many who have left this earth who we all miss. They would be amazed how many have come from just two people in 100 years.

  Our family has many personalities and many talents and I learned to appreciate and celebrate my place in this brood.

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