Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Butterfly House

    Many zoos have butterfly houses which they heat to tropical temperatures and then infuse with humidity. These are wondrous creatures who are so delicate and mobile. No touching is the instruction given as we enter the house but it is so tempting, especially if you are a toddler.
 The contrast of monarch butterfly on a green plant is pure eye candy.

These winged delights opened and closed their flappers expectantly. They were once caterpillars, earthbound, but equally beautiful, if you like fuzzy bugs. Then through a process they are required to fashion a protective home which they will emerge from as an entirely different creature, one that is heaven-bound and free. This is such a beautiful story of change and evolution. 

My eyes were on contrast. I had some rich rewards.
                                          I really enjoyed the sun, the colors and the perfect company.

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