Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Famous People in Seminary

           If it seems like all we do in Seminary is play games your impression would be wrong, but, we do use games to memorize and remember important information. Today we played "Famous People" which has become a staple in my seminary class. I want my students to remember names and events in these people's lives because the gospel happens in the hearts of the individual.
   The game happens in three rounds, two teams. All you need is paper strips and a pencil, and a fun container.

This year my container is an over-sized tea cup. On the strips of paper write 26, or more, names of people who your players all know in your Old Testament studies. Divide into teams. Round One: one team player gives clues, the other one guesses. You may give any clues except 
the name, or any derivative of the name. Each team sets the names they guess aside to be counted as points at the end of the round.

 Round Two: you may only use three words as clues. (You are putting all the names back in the container and using the same famous people). 

Round Three: Put  all names back into container and this time no words may be used. The clues must be acted out. In each round the correct guesses are left out of  the container, so the round is over when all the strips of paper are gone. 
Today I asked the three boys if we could play girls against boys because I wanted to play. They agreed and we, the girls, felt smug. However, we failed miserably. The boys prevailed!

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