Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Big A

   My Big A is five years old and the weekend slipped away without me documenting this event. This was a special birthday for us because I told him he could have piano lessons when he turned five. Imagine his frustration as his brothers and sister went to group lessons, got special prizes and stickers, and had that weekly lesson and he was left out, not any more.

                                                          Twinkle, twinkle star let's go.
   Alvin is an energetic boy. He loves legos, Star Wars, puzzles, and bread. He always has good ideas to share when I visit. He also gives very good hugs.
       He has always had the greatest smile. It crinkles up his eyes and makes his cheeks glow.
                                      Thanks for being such a sweet boy to your old Grandma.

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