Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Labor is Ever in Vain

   Today is my last day in sun city. I feel great and Emmaline's mother still feels pretty good, too. My granddaughter will wait for the next shift Grandma, to arrive. To bring on labor yesterday, we climbed a mountain.

    No, we did not make it to the top, but we went high enough to see the vista of desert and city.

    A pregnant mom, a tired toddler, a knee challenged Oma, who would believe we were climbing Camelback Mountain? It is lucky we had The Knitting Queen to carry us through.

Coming down from Camelback it is quite important to stop at La Grande Orange Grocery. It is an event and it does not disappoint. Mouth watering sandwiches, beautific bakery, and eye catching gifts to remember your experience.

    The only thing missing from this visit was the sweet, warm smell of a brand new baby. I will have to use my imagination, and I do have memories of that experience, believe you me.

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