Saturday, March 24, 2012

Early Spring at Fisher Pond

    I have made it my duty to compare changes from season to season at the Fisher Pond Preserve. Since yesterday yielded sun, I invited my friend, sans camera, to go investigate the early Spring sights.

    The path in changes from season to season. In Summer the grass takes hold and the ground is dry and firm, while in the Fall the yellow leaves pepper the path leaving gold coins amongst the dark mud. This time the Poplar catkins made us feel we were walking through living worms.

The Pond was quiet, no fish to scare on the surface, and the light was misty and hazy.

Garna suggested we look for the alphabet in the scenery to add line and shape. A's, V's. W's were plentiful in the fallen trees and shrubs.

While we were looking at the world through our lenses an eagle swooped from overhead making us chase  him with our cameras.

Still vulnerable in it's nakedness now, the Pond will soon have an explosion of green and very little of the water will be visible from the road or even from the trail. 

I can't wait to see it dressed up for Easter.
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