Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Longest Walk on the Shortest Day

    The weather was so beautiful today so I took a hike with the grandkids to Fisher Pond. I was curious what the trail was like at the 115th Ave entrance. It is a less traveled trail and is very narrow. No stroller access here.There are two wooden bridges, one which looked damaged but both were sturdy enough to ferry us over the ditches. The trail connects to the main Fischer Pond trail right at the entrance on Bank road so this ended up being a long hike, especially for my little toddler, Moonbeam. Winter started today and the forest had many new offerings. We were enchanted with the hanging moss.

                            Lichen jutted out of tree stumps as if to reach across the forest; looking like street lamps.

         Mushrooms popped out of the ground looking bold and sturdy, hiding their very fragile nature. Pine needles across the top made us think of starfish in the sea of the forest.

    I was anxious to see the pond and how it looked three months later. We took pictures in August, when there were flowering bushes and overflowing water plants; in October when those plants were dieing back; and now December when the pond was free of plant life and so open.

                                                            What beauty in every season!
   My little Moonbeam walked all the way in and only on the way back did she begin to go slower and slower until her little arms reached up for assistance.

   As I started back the way we came, Moonbeam perched on my arm, I was thankful to have have Miss Maggie at my side in case my load became too heavy to bear.

                                                         Life is good and Merry Christmas!

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