Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Abundance and Scarcity Part II

   I got up this morning and stumbled around, going to the bathroom, getting some water to drink, and dragging out the scale. It is true, I am obsessive about the scale but I'm okay with that, for now. I weigh the same today as I did yesterday and I said the words out loud, "This is sufficient for the day". These vines grow on the outside of a building in my town and during the winter they have a scarcity of leaves, even a scarcity of beauty. They are okay with that because within the branches is an abundance of potential. 

   Here are the same vines now. They are abundant with leaves and have over grown the entire wall with only a few holes for the windows. Too much? Too little?

   I am practicing sufficiency today. I have enough time, enough energy, enough money, and I am enough to meet this day.  This is really a spiritual practice of gratitude. It replaces the often carried practice of feeling depleted of what I need. It is not just time, energy, money, but also the recurrent feelings of FOMO. Have you felt FOMO? It is the Fear Of Missing Out. Others are having more fun, they are more excepted, they get it and you don't, these are all signs of FOMO. I will practice FIST. This stands for Faith In Sufficiency Today.

                                     Put up your FIST and rethink about the abundance in your life.

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