Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Confusion of Face

    My Early Morning Guests and I have been reading the Book of Daniel this year. In chapter 10 Daniel prays and talks about a confusion of face which his people have been suffering from. What is a confusion of face? That was the question this morning and the answer is, in our humble opinion, a difference between what the face is saying and what the heart is feeling. It may or may not be related to the oriental need to "save face".

Our face reveals so much of what is in the heart and it is confusing to feel one thing in the heart and show the opposite on the face.

Children can't do it because they have not learned to be double-minded. So I trust the faces I see in my little basket of grandchildren.

  Speaking of confusion, there is another confusion I felt this morning. I feel trapped sometimes by wanting endings and eternity. There are times of the year where I just can't wait for something to end, but in the same moment I long for my life to go on forever. I am certainly behind the bars of my own confusion of face.

   Nature teaches that all mortal things have a beginning, a climax of maturity, and a waning until death. But I am an eternal spirit and I will always long for eternity, with an occasional ending of the hard stuff of life. Hmm.... still confusion. Could this be a PARADOX? Could two opposite things be true at the same time?

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