Monday, June 4, 2012

Lullaby For The World

"This is a lullaby for the world...We're all so tired, it's easy to see, tired of all of the woe. What the world needs now is a good nights rest, maybe our troubles would go?"
   I assisted in the recording of Kim's lullaby on Saturday. It was another four hour learning experience. I was grateful to be with generous professionals who did their best to make this song sound superb.

     I was so happy for Kim, whose music has blessed my life. She wrote this lullaby some years ago, amidst the mothering of a baby and pre-schooler, when she was sleep deprived. It expresses her convictions of what our world needs.

                        Here are some shots of the studio, which is always visually fascinating to me.

            Joe did guitar tracks and vocals with Kim. What a nice blend of voices and superb guitar.

Little Ivy made it into the video to add that special pizazz.

   And, yours truly, doing a track of organ accompaniment. I need to revise my negative feelings about the home organs of the 1960's. The shimmer it added to the song was really nice. I will certainly post the finished product when it is mixed and ready.

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