Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morning Lines #5- Pooh Philosophy

Christopher Robin: You're next, Tigger. Jump!
 Jump? Tiggers don't jump. They bounce.
Winnie the Pooh:
 Then bounce down.
 Don't be "ridiccorous". Tiggers only bounce up!
Christopher Robin:
 You can climb down, Tigger.
 Ah, but tiggers can't climb down, uh... because, uh... their tails get in the way!
 Hooray! That settles it. If he won't jump, and he can't climb down, then we'll just have to leave him up thereforever! 

I jump every day and being of a Pooh mind I don't get Tigger's reluctance to jump. After all, the jump is the commitment and the bounce is the reward.

     Today I got to 55 minutes of jogging, running, and jumping while Pooh sat by and counted. Then it was his turn and man, you should see that bear fly.

                                                    Well, you can't because he is so fast.

I'm all in with Emmaline. Let's jump!

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