Friday, June 22, 2012

Morning Lines

    The best summer read for me so far is a book by Regina Sirois called "On Little Wings". It is a book that reached me on many levels. The sixteen year-old main character is bright and imaginative and becomes a catalyst for change in others. I loved the sister relationship described and of course, the mother-daughter tension was rich in content and outcome. An aspect of this book that is infiltrating my daily life is the Reading Lines Game.
“So the game,” she said brightly, remembering her original topic. “I wanted him to see the difference between what he read and what he thought so I gave him a daily assignment to find his favorite words and read them to me. It evolved into our nightly readings.”
“There are no rules. We each pick a line or passage out of something we read that day – be it cereal box or Shakespeare – and recite it to each other. Nothing long. Sometimes three words. Sometimes a paragraph.”

Sirois, Regina (2011-12-13). On Little Wings (p. 82).  . Kindle Edition.

   I started Morning Lines yesterday with my granddaughter and her family. She is a prolific reader and often quotes whole passages from her books so I knew she would wholeheartedly be on board. Here are our contributions.

"Time is a harsh taskmaster", Terry Brooks "The First King of 


"The rain to the wind said
"You push and I'll pelt"
They so smote the garden bed
That the flowers actually knelt
And they lay- lodged-though not dead
I know how the flowers felt."
   Robert Frost

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