Thursday, September 6, 2012

Morning Lines #24- Four Sentences That Lead To Wisdom

We can misperceive what we see, especially if the reflection distorts. My summer reading offered some wisdom.

      "Gamache remembered being shown into Chief Inspector Comeau's office his first week on the job, certain he was about to be fired for some mysterious transgression. Instead the wiry, self-contained man had stared at him for a few seconds then invited him to sit and told him the four sentences that lead to wisdom. He'd said them only once, never repeating  them. But once had been enough for Gamache.
  I'm sorry. 
  I was wrong. 
  I need help.
  I don't know.
  He'd never forgotten them and when he took over as Chief Inspector, Gamache passed them on to each and every one of his agents."
              Louise Penny, from Bury Your Dead

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