Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Woodpile

   So yesterday I woke up with a large rash on the trunk of my body. I had been down sick with chills and a cold the two days before. A little flag went off in my head and brought up the word "Shingles". I googled it and found I had all the pre-conditions and many symptoms. So, I started the process of getting hold of the doctor, which is difficult on a Monday morning. While I kept trying the phone, I doctored the rash myself with Lavender oil and ointment. The pain and irritation went away and two hours later, still no doctor, I listened to my body and it whispered, 'Peace".  What futurizing I had been doing, thinking I might be in pain with chicken pox breaking out everywhere. What I learned from this experience is don't start burning wood until the weather turns cold.

    I am facing the prospect of starting the wood stove up. We burn with wood because our electric base heaters are really old and cost an atrocious amount of money. So we gathered our wood through the summer and it is dry now. Soon I will build the first fire and it will be fun at the beginning but then the fun will turn into a chore. A daily, ongoing, chore which warms the toes and keeps us happy through the winter.

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