Saturday, June 15, 2013

Book of Mormon Summer- 1 Nephi

In Elder Robert D. Hales' Priesthood Session talk these words caught my eye.

     "Being a professional artist, he sat down and drew a picture of a knight—a warrior capable of defending castles and kingdoms.As he drew and read from the scriptures, I learned how to be a faithful.. priesthood holder…"
An image can capture 1000 words and so my project to illustrate the Book of Mormon continues with Nephi sorrowing over his brothers
        The Liahona is such a novel object. Many have compared it to the workings of the Holy Ghost and that comparison has merit but the Liahona could also be compared to the Book of Mormon itself.

   The story of building the boat and crossing the many waters is epic. It has applications to our mortal journey through life. I noted that Nephi was expected to act on his own much of the time. The words, "the Lord did show me from time to time.."indicate that he was not spoon fed all that he should do.

    The prophetic sections where Nephi uses the Brass Plates to teach the history of the House of Israel always reminds me of the gathering at harvest. Calling upon the prophecies of prophets Nephi shows that God has revealed and he does now reveal, and will yet reveal his workings to gather his children together and provide salvation to any who will hear.

                                             Here are more thoughts on this block of scripture.
                                             Here are 8X5 versions of my illustrations to copy.

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