Saturday, August 10, 2013

Story Starters

   When it comes to teaching children, the truth is they need continuity and review. Some will say that we've heard these stories a million times but they are not carried to the heart unless the heart is open. When we are bored by scripture stories it is likely that they are have not reached our heart.
   My summer project of illustrating my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon is not finished  but I have made some story starter cards to use in my teaching. I like to share, so if they seem helpful here are PDF's in a 8X5 format. I feel a little like Moroni who is unsure of his writing ability. My drawing is amateurish but it is, what it is.

No. One 1 Nephi
No. Two 1 Nephi
No. Three 1 Nephi
No. Four 1 Nephi
No. Five 2 Nephi
No. Six 2 Nephi
No. Seven Jacob and Enos
No. Eight Omni
No. Nine Mosiah
No. Ten More Mosiah
No  Eleven Mosiah and Alma
No. Twelve Alma
No. Thirteen More Alma
No. Fourteen Alma and Sons

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  1. Dropbox says there is nothing there- file has moved or been deleted.

  2. Sorry, I hit post too soon- I love the idea of a story starter!

    1. I moved my files without changing the links on my post. Please try again!

  3. These are great - No. 2 says there is no file available - the other 3 worked fine - thank you for sahring -

    1. Thanks for noting the second link. I think I fixed it.


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