Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Creating With Food

I purchased my first food processor. What? This late in the game? Hey, hold it, I still don't own a dishwasher and haven't for the last 25 years. My dish washers moved out, mostly, and so I do dishwashing in Zen mode. More on that subject, here.
Since I have fabulous farmers working for me, CSA, and a food storage with waiting staples, I am creating with food.
Here is roasted red pepper hummus and pistachio basil pesto.

   Did I mention the fabulous farmers working for me? The first broccoli was tender and so light in flavor. Picked and on the table the same day!

   This book is revamping my cooking. it has introduced me to FASS. This stands for Fat, Acid, Salt Sweet and this check can so improve any dish. Is your dish missing something? Try adding a drizzle of olive oil, (fat), a suss of lemon juice, (acid), a dash of salt, and lastly, Grade B maple syrup,( the sweet.)

My farmers added flowers to their salad mix this week. I look forward to Thursdays to see what will be in my bag.

                                                           Bon Appetit!

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