Saturday, May 25, 2013

Community Supported Agriculture

My daughter, The Knitting Queen, put down a nice lump of change to buy into a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, subscription this summer. When she asked me to pay half I started doing math to see if this was a good deal. I received a rather stern lecture about the importance of supporting local farming. Yes, I had to agree that the produce was superior to anything trucked into our community. It tasted velvety and firm at the same time. Yes, I had to agree that having local farmers was a smart move in a unstable economic time. Yes, I had to agree that knowing how my vegetables were grown and who was doing the hard work was comforting. And yes, I wanted to support the young and energetic farmers who have committed to learning and understanding how to responsibly till the earth.
With that lecture internalized I received the first "bag of vegetables" from Stitchdown Farm.

    The Kale was superb and almost convinced my husband, who hates Kale, to eat a bit more. He prefers the taste of spinach. To my surprise a goose egg lay hiding in the delivery. Wow! That will make a nice omelet.

    The salad mix was so fresh and flavorful. I am convinced that these two farmers will add to the joy of this summer. If you are not growing your own vegetables this year or would like to augment what you have in your garden, contact Stitchdown

                                     PS, Don't you just hate getting lectures from your kids?

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