Monday, September 16, 2013

Change and Renewal

I have been a life-long renter. Never have purchased a home and I probably never will. Yes, the American dream has alluded me and I live to tell the tale. The little house we rent has been ours for 23 years. We are reminded of this reality whenever the landlord does upkeep. When we first moved in, the house was light blue. A green metal roof made the second color another lighter shade of green. Yes, I remember people stopping their cars to gawk at that awful green 15 years ago.

                       Last week the painters came and the change evolved into a new neutral theme.

                                Piano students came and entered a green house, only to leave a beige one.

                So now, the next decade begins and I have a renewed coat of paint on my exterior. Alas, it is like the upkeep on my outside self. I can't see it but I don't want to scare people away so I fix myself up, occasionally.

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