Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Directed Listening

  Although we have many activities, my Primary class needs some help during the few moments we spend just listening. I have church history stories to tell and I like to included lots of details. If I tell the stories from memory I often forget important elements. One technique I use is to record the stories on my I-Phone memo feature, in 1-2 minutes segments.

 And, I ask my students to listen for a specific word or phrase. This directed listening works very well for any age and in any teaching situation. We like glueing, so I give them their word, or phrase on a type written slip of paper.

When they hear it, they may glue it on a journal page. These phrases become story prompts as we review the journal the next week. Two goals met, from this one activity; better listening and better remembering from week to week.

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