Monday, November 25, 2013

Gratitude Is The Antidote To Scarcity

I get scared of stuff; mostly stuff that hasn't happened. And I get FOMO. I will quote myself, 
" I am practicing sufficiency today. I have enough time, enough energy, enough money, and I am enough to meet this day.  This is really a spiritual practice of gratitude. It replaces the often carried practice of feeling depleted of what I need. It is not just time, energy, money, but also the recurrent feelings of FOMO. Have you felt FOMO? It is the Fear Of Missing Out. Others are having more fun, they are more excepted, they get it and you don't, these are all signs of FOMO. I will practice FIST. This stands for Faith In Sufficiency Today."

                                This is a practice I am still working on. It is worth the effort and I am grateful for the beginnings of believing.

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