Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Lessons In I-Phone Photography

     I thought I left my I-Phone at the gym this morning. I contemplated buying a new one if it was stolen. Never once did it cross my mind that I could just live without it. It is my camera, my phonebook, my calendar, my shopping list, my connection to my children, in short, I use it all the time. Well, it was not lost, just wrapped up in my jacket with plums the club owner picked to share at the gym.

      The Rule of Thirds
Keep things out of dead center but balanced. The grid lines setting on the phone helps place your subject in a grid other than the middle.

      Negative space draws the eyes to your subject. Below I used the vantage point of the floor, left a lot of light to bring focus to the top where my grandchildren are engrossed in their own stuff.

  Placing my granddaughter on the left side brings the perspective of what a  huge job she undertakes to trim back the blackberries.

      In A Row
Ordinary objects in a row create a story that captivates. I like to keep my eye out for the beautiful, but also the unremarkable lined up.

     Combining light reflecting and objects side by side caught my fancy. Suddenly, what I see every day becomes a piece of art.

     Lining up the grandchildren against the green wall was a stroke of luck. I especially like the dog bowl in the foreground. Snack anyone?

Fill The Frame
The I-Phone can handle about four inches in front of a subject without losing focus. Getting up close to fill the frame creates great texture and detail.

     Fill the object of your picture in most of the frame but leave a little of the surrounding to give context.

      I had to get on Hannah's eye level to catch her soulful need to hide. I left some surrounding area to see where I found her.

There will be four more photography ideas and then I will have documented what I learned from my class. 

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