Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Artist's Date

     It is such a privilege to be invited into the studio of an artist. Our community has bi-yearly artist studio open house events. I just gawk with wide eyes at their work tables and supplies, imagining what it is like to create there, in that space. Yesterday I had a playdate with my artist friend. Long planned because we are über busy, but finally realized. Upstairs, in a light airy room, books, baskets, and boxes abound.

                       There are many little collections. The bottle caps ere fun and decorative.

       She aspires to publish some books so I found the "imagine" plaque fitting with the "how to's" for children's book writers.

      A lover of words,  this stamp was evocative of what we wanted to accomplish on this one single day.

   See that cuter than cute white stuffed pumpkin on the right? You can find a "how to" on her blog. I love the curly stand.

      I find art to require a great deal of patience so these words above the closet doors made me smile.

      This is what the art desk looked like before we started. Newspaper came next to cover the wood. In a few hours we had papers, baskets and paints everywhere.

     She likes working alone so I found the silent moments really nice because they were full of energy and purpose. Below is a peek at the Halloweenish page of her book. Yes, that is what we were making, altered books. Children's board books are perfect for remaking into art journals or writing journals.

You are probably wanting to see the finished product or at least the process and I will do a post just like that. But, not today. Today I wanted to remember and be grateful for my lovely day.

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  1. I love seeing the spaces where people create. So glad you had this wonderful opportunity. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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