Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Last I-Phone Photography Tips

       The last lessons in my Big Pictures Classes I-Phone Photography class were my favorite.

Photographing objects can tell a compelling story. On a day at the beach I gathered these objects together inside a hole in the driftwood. It was like a shadow box of the best stuff from the beach that day.

    The art supplies on the artists windowsill tell the story of creativity and beauty. The scene through the window is almost the painting on the easel.

     Gathering my icons of The Six Habits of Happiness was so fun for me. Against the white background and shooting from above this display pops out. Beware of the shadows cast by objects.

Finding a great background can make the composition come alive. I loved taking a picture of our feet when we found a patch of multicolored leaves.

And here, the single leaf stands out from the beach rocks to hint at the season change ahead.

Look for light and concentrate on the eyes in your subject. Tap on the screen to be sure to focus the lens on the eyes. 

      It is better to crop than zoom. Zooming in can degrade your photo. A neutral background is best for the portrait. 

Because shadows are not fixed in shape like silhouettes they can give a picture a surreal quality. The morning light in this bedroom casts the most interesting shadows.

             I used the shadow of my brother to allude to his deep emotional connection to his dog.

      I think my pictures are much more interesting and creative thanks to this class. Having my I-Phone along provides an easy and quick tool to capture the beauty of my world. Beauty around me is often the way I pick myself up from the pressures of life.

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