Friday, April 24, 2015


    Two weeks ago I decided to free my lilac bush from the encroaching laurel branches. I took my large shears and started to lop off sections. I caused a robin to make a racket. he seemed to be chiding me. I continued. After a while I spied a tiny nest in a cross section of limbs. I knew I had unveiled this tiny sanctuary.

   Glued to my kitchen window I've observed a family. Their home seems less than secure but they are ever present and fulfill their duty. As the babies have grown the two parents are constantly feeding the brood. The two fledglings are getting big enough to shake the nest. I worried about them when the rain pelted the branches all night. To my relief they were still there in the morning. What a great example they are to me. Family is vital to God. He gives us many examples. The parents are needed together to feed their children. Even though only 40% of robin babies make it they keep to the plan. Build your nest. Hide your young from danger. Keep them warm. Mother and Father both do their part. Help your babies learn to fly.

     It seems risky and fool hardy sometimes. Not all parents survive together. Many babies struggle. But, the plan is good. I am comforted by this fine nature lesson.

 I write on Fridays with a large group who inspire me. Only five minutes and without much thought to perfection. I write, prompted by one word that sends my thoughts to the keyboard and hopefully make sense.


  1. Being a bird watcher and feeder, I loved where you took this post! #FMF

  2. I like that! Thanks for sharing! Sometimes I think the hardest part is letting them leave the nest after we've been nurturing them for so long. I'm learning that part now. :)

  3. Beautiful post, it really touched me. My Gran and Grandad always used to have robins nests in their garden and we'd all spend a great deal of time watching them, too and I remember my Grandad musing along many of the same lines.....(your note 'Not all parents survive together' touched me, as it arrived to me at a time when I'm just coming to accept this, at this stage in my grieving process for my marriage and for my desire for my children to have a stable home) very wonderful that you've been able to witness this beautiful thing.......right in your back garden! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Helen xxx

    1. Helen, you are so sweet and warm and real. Thank-you.


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