Monday, April 20, 2015

Picturing My Word

     It is April and this month I'm playing with photography to show my relationship with My One Little Word, Ribbistrate. This certainly is a word that can be pictured better than it can be explained. For a definition click here. For some weeks I shot pictures of my grandkids jumping on my mini trampoline. Using the slow motion setting I filmed them ribbistrating with abandon. When I played back the video I used a screen shot to catch them in mid-air.

               Making my word visible included seeing others ribbistrating around me. Online, in movies, at events, even in small groups I became more aware of the feeling and physical demonstration of My One Little Word.

As Spring arrived I noted how nature ribbistrates with unsurpassed enthusiasm. My peony bush pushing out one inch a week, the flowers bundles at the florist all showed me how to ribbistrate.

 There were some lasts coming up. The last time our Relief Society Presidency met together before it dissolves was an important ribbistrating experience. These women have inspired me with their resolve to help others. Mondays have always been special because of our time together but so were the work parties and fun parties. I am a little melancholy at the project of their moving away from the island. Certainly, as summer arrives there will be more pictures to take as I see my One Little Word showing up everywhere.

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  1. LOVE your full of happiness and life! So sorry your Relief Society has broken up (it sounded like it was such a wonderful idea). Here's to much more ribbistrating!


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