Friday, August 26, 2016


           Can we really be part of a loyal opposition?

           Every institution made by man is somewhat flawed. It just is that way. Governments, political parties, churches, businesses, committees, families; I could go on. Even when God sanctions and gives his authority to a group, failings of correct action, improper governing, and of character will and always do arise. 

    Can I still be loyal and feel "all in" if I have questions? What if my questions move me to oppose certain decisions? Can I remain loyal if I am in opposition? 

  "Some who use personal reasoning or wisdom to resist prophetic direction give themselves a label borrowed from elected bodies--“the loyal opposition.” However appropriate for a democracy, there is no warrant for this concept in the government of God’s kingdom, where questions are honored but opposition is not"
      Dallin H. Oaks

   I think of Judas who, for whatever reason, made a decision to betray Jesus. Perhaps he believed that Jesus could save himself at the last minute, or perhaps his greed set him against a master who he shared supper with and for whom he pledged loyalty.
  What happens inside us when we move against something we love? I ask questions because the word "loyal" has been diluted in a society where virtues are fewer every year. I believe I am allowed to ask questions. Many of my questions don't receive answers but I burn inside with a faith based not on man but on a God who I have experienced. May I always feel "all in" and loyal to Him and to those humble servants who may stumble along a vulnerable path in mortality but who desire Him more than the good opinion of the world.

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  1. You're post really has me thinking. What is loyalty? Why are we loyal? Etc

  2. This is thought-provoking. I think we can be loyal to a person without agreeing with all their decisions- we can disagree with or be against some of the things they do but still show them respect and commitment. I think it is important to be able to ask questions though and I love that God allows our questions, even if we don't always get a clear answer.

  3. great post. It puts me in mind of those who claim that 'many roads lead to God'., and thus consider themselves the 'loyal opposition'.

    My feeling is that many roads do indeed lead in the right direction but come up against a fence; and Jesus is the only gate.


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