Monday, March 27, 2017

Nurturing Monday- Accepting The Apology

      Don't dilute an apology by saying, "It's okay," just to lighten the experience.
the apology to stand.

This month I am nurturing the ability to give and own a heartfelt apology.

  Often when someone gives me an apology I find myself telling them that their behavior was okay. It is reflexive and said without thought. In that moment I am discounting their courage and my own self worth. Even if the behavior was not truly offensive, I can learn to be gracious and say, "Thank-you for your apology."

  These lessons on the heartfelt apology have opened my eyes and given me new vocabulary to use in my interpersonal relationships. In the past I have been egotistical in thinking that I have little to apologize about. I am more humble and appreciate knowing how to proceed with caution, but with determination. 

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  1. So wise. I have been training myself to say "thank you" instead of "it's ok." Words matter.


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