Monday, March 6, 2017

Nurturing Monday- Nurturing My Ability To Apologize

We're human, we hurt each other, we get hurt. Healing that hurt depends on the ability to deliver and accept a heartfelt apology.
Brené Brown

   I've got this! I don't need to nurture my ability to apologize. Part of my religious faith is repentance and restitution. That is what I thought. When a relationship went south in the recent past, I was concerned with my behavior. I made some mistakes and I was confused about what I could do to restore our bond. 

In this month of March I want to use my One Little Word, Nurture to strengthen and protect my ability to apologize when I am wrong. 

Today is day one of class. I am participating with Brené Brown and Harriet Lerner in A course on the power of apologizing.

Already after listening to the first video discussion I'm learning new things. New things which sound old but have a new weight due to new vocabulary. Brené is masterful at using words that bring revelation. I know it will be hard to look at myself and be open with what really goes on in my heart. I hope to become better.

To go to the overview of My Year of Nurturing click here.

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  1. I may have said this before, but in today's world of #sorrynotsorry, it is a rare a wonderful gift to receive a sincere apology. Worth knowing how to give one, too. Thank you.


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