Monday, May 15, 2017

Nurturing Monday- I've Moderated Much

    Nurture: the process of caring for 
and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something 

Do you ever look back and appreciate the changes you have made? I believe it to be nurturing to recognize the improvements each of us have made in our lives. Thirty years ago I was was quick to anger. Sometimes a rage would rise up inside of me that took me by surprise. I was a young mother of five, limited financial prospects, and I harbored many unfulfilled expectations. A good recipe for learning to moderate anger. And, I have. 

   My children matured, my hormones leveled out, and I learned to see that hard times change and become stories of overcoming. I still get mad but I can moderate more quickly.
   Thirty years ago I watched soap opera's everyday. I noticed that the plot lines stayed in my head long after the TV was turned off. Sometimes when my husband arrived home I transferred the plot of the cheating husband onto my man. I felt resentment that did not come from his actions. I gave daytime viewing a kick in the pants. I nurtured moderation of my free time. 
  Thirty years ago I talked on the phone, a lot. My kids were shushed and dinner delayed if a friend needed to talk. Now we text and I am more moderate about letting my devices rule my day. 

   I'm not feeling smug just happy to know that I can change. 

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  1. I was just now reflecting on my own journey with anger, so I can definitely relate. I too am grateful for the knowledge and hope that we can change. I have a young friend who has been diligently working out and eating healthily. She recently told me her progress came when she realized that she needed to believe that her choices matter. Such hope is invaluable.


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